10 Most Deadly Special Forces in the World

Almost all military units of a country have elite special forces, the most formidable units to be proud of. The abilities of these special forces members are usually far above normal people due to the strenuous training that has tempered them to make them the world’s elite troops. In Indonesia, we have the Special Forces Command (Kopassus) which is highly regarded by the world and is included in the list of the 10 deadliest special forces below.

Almost all military units of a country have elite special forces, the most formidable units to be proud of. The abilities of these special forces members are usually far above normal people due to the strenuous training that has tempered them to make them the world’s elite troops. In Indonesia, we have the Special Forces Command (Kopassus) which is highly regarded by the world and is included in the list of the 10 deadliest below.

Thomas Benmetan in SEAsia writes, in a world where the mere size of the country’s military is no longer the only indicator of effectiveness, the existence of Special Forces can be considered as the most formidable unit that a country can be proud of. Special Forces are undaunted to go to terrifying places that other forces fear, ward off potential threats, crush strategic targets, and carry out dangerous rescue missions.

The various elite troop corps of the world below have gone through rigorous training exercises designed to weed out recruits who cannot reach the proper standards to complete their work in the field.

The best of the best, here is a list of the top ten best special forces in the world and the deadliest that have been tested in quelling various wars, quelling civil insurgencies, and carrying out special missions.

1. US Navy SEALs

The United States Navy Sea, Air and Land (SEAL) was formed in 1962. Navy SEALs are renowned for their ability to serve underwater and handle special reconnaissance, counter-terrorism, hostage rescue, and unconventional warfare. Navy SEAL operators have gone through years of training and, especially in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, are holding up with an extraordinary tempo of operations. Many foreign militaries base their special operations on the SEALs.

Famous operation: a team authorized by former United States President Barack Obama managed to kill Osama bin Laden at his base in Pakistan. Three Navy SEALs have also killed three Somali pirates when they took a captain hostage.

2. Alpha Group

Formed by the KGB in 1974, Alpha Group is renowned as an elite counterterrorism unit. Its official name is Directorate “A” of the FSB Special Purpose Center (TsSN FSB), which is an elite sub-unit of the independent Russian Special Forces. Alpha Group is the special counter-terrorism task force of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB).

Famous operation: the 2004 Beslan school hostage rescue crisis, in which 1,200 hostages were held by Chechen separatists. Alpha Group then managed to kill 31 terrorists. The operation ended more or less well, except for the death of more than 350 civilians.

3. Kaibiles

Founded in 1975, Guatemala’s counter-revolutionary commando, the Kaibiles, is a fearless special force expert in jungle warfare and insurgency suppression operations. Their motto is, “If I advance, follow me. If I stop, urge me. If I retreat, kill me.”

Famous operation: eight Kaibiles personnel were killed and five others injured in an attack in Congo as part of a UN peacekeeping force. The soldiers who died were part of a failed operation to capture the deputy commander of Uganda’s Lord’s Resistance Force (LRA).

4. Sayeret Matkal

The Sayeret Matkal is an Israeli defense force skilled in small arms, martial arts, and intelligence gathering far behind enemy front lines. During the selection camp (Gibbush), the recruits will undergo rigorous training, while being constantly supervised by doctors and psychologists, as only the strongest can be enlisted as troop personnel.

Notable operation: Operation Entebbe, a mission to rescue hostages held on Air France flight 139 at Uganda’s Entebbe Airport in 1976. An Israeli soldier, 45 Ugandan soldiers, six hijackers and three hostages were killed in the operation, which resulted in the release of at least 100 hostages. .

5. Kopassus

Kopassus, an abbreviation of Komando Special Forces, was formed as an Indonesian special force in 1952. Kopassus carried out many special operations and missions such as direct action, unconventional warfare, counter-insurgency, counter-terrorism, intelligence gathering, and sabotage.

Famous operation: in 1981, an Islamic extremist group hijacked Garuda flight 206. After the plane landed, the Kopassus command carried out a rapid operation, killing three hijackers, and freeing 50 passengers.

The main task of Kopassus is to carry out special operations missions for the Indonesian government, such as direct action, unconventional warfare, sabotage, counter-insurgency, anti-terrorism, intelligence gathering and special reconnaissance (SR).

Unlike the Kopaska (Komando Troop Frog) which is an amphibious and underwater operations unit, whose main tasks are underwater missions (robbing enemy ships and bases), destroying major underwater installations, reconnaissance, kidnapping captives, preparing beaches for naval amphibious operations. larger, and counter-terrorism.

6. Special Service Group (SSG)

Known as “Black Storks” due to the unique set of heads of commandos, these Pakistani special forces are one of the best special forces in the world. The Special Service Group (SSG) conducts seriously armed combat operations, launching unconventional warfare, sabotage, intelligence gathering, close combat, and espionage. To be part of the squad, one must complete several trainings, including marching 36 miles in 12 hours and running 5 miles in 50 minutes fully equipped.

Famous operation: in 1994, Afghan hijackers took control of a school bus full of 74 children and eight teachers. With negotiations going nowhere, the SSG commando uses the explosion as a diversion, then kills the three hijackers.

7. Delta Force

United States army special forces known as the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (1st SFOD-D). The Delta Force is one of the US special mission units primarily focused on counter-terrorism missions.

Famous operation: played a key role in the 2003 invasion of Iraq, allegedly entering Baghdad first to guide air strikes and sabotage Iraqi lines of communication.

8. British SAS

The British Special Air Service is the infantry companion of the Special Boat Service. The SAS emblem bears the motto “Who dares will triumph.” The SAS can be likened to eating close target reconnaissance and counter-revolutionary warfare at breakfast. They can last a long time in mountains, forests, deserts, and urban environments, and are adept at making a profit by writing best-selling books after they retire.

Famous operation: ending the 1980 hostage crisis at the Iranian embassy in London. British SAS troops used stun grenades to confuse the terrorists, killing five of the six hostages, and rescuing 19 hostages.

9. EKO Cobra

The EKO Cobra is Austria’s top 200-man counter-terrorism unit highly respected for their climbing skills and on-court skills that will almost certainly beat Arnold Schwarzenegger’s fighting skills in action movies.

Famous operation: in 1996, four Cobra personnel were on board an Aeroflot Tupolev 154 to escort deportees to Lagos, Nigeria. An escaped Nigerian prisoner then threatened the flight crew with a knife and demanded to be taken to Germany or South Africa. EKO Cobra was the only unit that managed to end the hijacking of the plane while the plane was still hovering in the air.

10. Special Air Service Regiment

The Special Air Service Regiment is the Australian army special forces commonly known as the SAS. Split into three squadrons, SAS troops specialize in counter-terrorism, surveillance and reconnaissance, and various other offensive operations.

Famous operations: SAS personnel Mark Donaldson and Ben Roberts-Smith were awarded the Victoria Cross for Australia for valiant acts committed while serving in Afghanistan.

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