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The 2-year track is for candidates who have a pre-professional BA or BS degree in Architecture from another NAAB-accredited school or a BS in Interior Design. The Master of Architecture [MARCH +2] is a two year STEM designated professional degree focused on architectural design and practice. SACD offers a 2+4 Master of Architecture (M. Arch.) program. A two-year undergraduate architecture program, coupled with general education coursework.

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The Master of Architecture degree is the first accredited architecture degree at a public A program may be granted a 6-year, 3-year, or 2-year term of. The Master of Architecture (www.militaryforces.ru) program at Georgia Tech provides four-year preprofessional degree in architecture may apply for the 2 year www.militaryforces.ru The two-year, 55 credit Master of Architecture degree is the culmination of Kean's 4+2 model for a professional degree in architecture: a four-year Bachelor.

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This seven-semester program provides an introduction to the fundamentals of architectural design and representation, technologies, history, and theory, as well. Holders of a BS in architecture from another college or university can pursue the credit master's program that can be completed in two years. 2+3 Years. GRADUATES EARN A BACHELOR OF ARCHITECTURE DEGREE. DAYTIME CLASSES ONLY AND ON CAMPUS ONLY. School of Design Menu.